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A SEO Company, V Channel has online search engine optimization SEO track record of 300 over clients.  Our SEO Consultants achieve page rank one on Google search results, thus enhance the online visibility with our in house developed SEO optimized on page optimization techniques. V Channel personnels have more than 10 year experienced search engine specialists and web developers, delivering increased online visitors, increased online traffic for our customers.  We are a result-based business and services.


SEO services in Malaysia

V Channel developed an organized approach into SEO on-page optimization with custom content management system.  Our online marketing consultants acquire customer knowledge and business, develop the topics right into the website titles and contents.  The content is king to SEO.  Google developed different ways to gauze if the website delivers what it promises.  Google search engine starts with its description and all the usual bits, but then gets detail into the keyword description and relationship, seeing if the SEO keywords do what they do belong to the page.

We guarantee page ranking keywords, monitor and update for the Google search engine page ranking results monthly. Our clients receive leads from new online visitors.  Our latest hybrid CMS with its built-in SEO features have track records of achieving page ranking in less than 3 months for new website launch with our CMS.

We do the online marketing for the customers.


SEO methodology

Differentiated in the SEO Malaysia market, we regard SEO as a technique in achieving page one Google search ranking results.  V Channel conceptualizes the client business, develops the site architecture, match the interested market segments into contents of the clients pages.  We are more than SEO Company in Malaysia.  We do the online marketing for the customers.

V Channel has a diversified team of people from all different nations in Asia - different minds but same belief in our philosophy on SEO methodology. Achieving a track record of over 300 clients, we firmly make the effort to consult and consistently execute customer plans with clients to achieve the maximized cooperation and optimal results. We believe online branding starts with the clients’ own asset, that is the visibility of the website before any other online media.

Our SEO specialists consult, develop and execute SEO campaigns and online marketing programs.  It is a complete process from the consultation stage to the deliverables of Google search engine page rank.

Upon the achievement of the ranking results, it is iterative to evaluate the results weekly, monthly to further fine tune and improve the online positions. More so, it is an continuous improvement process to catch up and follow the update to the new Google search engine algorithm.

V Channel SEO methodology comprises of site development, content development and integration of the online marketing factors.


SEO Keyword relationship

We use related keywords that really have a relationship with the main keywords in the content development.  The content delivers the message of the customers’ and products or service offering.  In our thought process, we relate keyword in groups, in similarity, in category and yet in collaboration.  SEO is more than an art than science in our development process of CMS and SEO.


Online marketing services

On top of our consultancy services, we offer a total online marketing services including

  • Online content management system (CMS)
  • Hybrid website design and development
  • Content conceptualization and development as well as
  • Search engine optimization. SEO
  • Google Adwords Campaigns
  • Consultancy services - Accouting and e-Pos system


Annual Online marketing services

It is an ever lasting improvement to the websites, to further beat the competition and continuously improve the online brand position and visibility. We offer the services,

  • Software license updates,
  • Google search engine algorithm updates
  • Content development
  • Yearly online marketing plans and strategies