Search engines have different formulae in determining how relevant your page is for certain keywords. The formulae of relevancy vary among the different search engines, for different devices, and at different locations. We use related keywords that really have a relationship with the main keywords in the content development. 


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    HOW Do We Do IT?

    SEO Cosultants

    Our SEO consultants engage, consult and deep dive the business requirements, the market, the products and services, as well as the company marketing objectives both in offline and online market.  The data collection during the initial part of the SEO services is crucial in defining the strategy for the site, regardless of the types of business, be it in manufacturing, industrial or service industry. For small and medium enterprises and starts up, we seek collaborative marketing efforts in offering professional advice and “business development” advice, and show our proof to back up our offerings, prices and advice.  We go the long way in building trust with the SME.  We plan clients to follow our suggested approached than going in their direction what they believed would be the right choice.



    collaterals such as marketing materials, brand exercise, design files & advertisment from client is collected


    Website & service analytic done


    Content development


    Website analytics


    On-going search engine optimization services

    SEO based Content development

    Content is king and the devil is in the details – keywords, key phrases, marketing mix. It is the arts and craftmanship to translate the company marketing objectives, advertisement and editorials in the brochures for trade shows, product and service listing to be able to build up the whole suite of the marketing campaigns on their site.Our SEO consultant are skilled to run in-depth analyses of your business competitiors, study their strategy and more.  We offer the professional services during the consultation and guides you through in getting the content in the site.

    SEO Friendly keywords development

    Keyword research is crucial in the SEO keyword development process. Keyword placement is a valuable high return activity in the search marketing.  The ranking for the “right” keywords make the site.  We learn about the customers before fizzling the market’s keyword demand for SEO.  It is targeted.  It is getting the right types of visitors. The usefulness of this intelligence in keyword research predict shifts in demand, respond to changing marketing conditions and produce the products, services and content that web searchers are already actively seeking. Our professional SEO consultant will be a great asset in developing our clients’ business by finding lucrative keywords with great return on investment where the business can make money easily.

    Effective Link building for SEO

    Internal web links must be considered be well established. Content development also involves in how well the internal web pages support each other. They must be logical and well developed internal linked structure of how the webpages are linked internally and appropriately. Building link services within the sites play an important roles.  Other services shall also include Link text title and description optimization, Website directory registration, Social media & networking, Optimize Press release services.

    SEO is a continuous process of improving the websites’ content and structure. More importantly, it is a long term online marketing for your businesses.


    Monitor page ranking
    Page ranking changes due to the search engines changing their ranking formulas or competitiveness. We create monthly ranking reports on where the site is ranked to stay competitive.


    Track the traffic

    It is to track the landing where the traffic goes to. We may want to place the best products on that page to get more sales.  We analyze site statistic to check the traffic volume received and which keywords are being used to find your site.


    Keyword research

    Researching new keywords keeps the ranking. Changes may include the keywords update, adding additional sections to the sites, re-writing content and re-organizing the websites’ structures. 


    Competitive analysis

    Understanding what keywords competitors are using play an important part of search engine optimization. If keywords are competitive, we use less competitive keywords for your webpages, or use them in conjunction with the most popular ones.


    Update with fresh content

    Websites continuously update their content receive higher ranking. Keywords should be research to be added in.  It helps support the ranking and visitors have more means to land on your pages. 


    Tweak website structure and navigation

    You lose vistors if they find it difficult to navigate your site, read the content or experience broken links.  We will repair or tweak the site to be friendly for the visitors.